IOSH Safety for Senior Executives

Overview and aim

The senior executives of organisations set the culture for good health and safety performance and are responsible for proper governance. The course reflects the principles of control set out in the ‘Leading Health and safety at work’ guidance and enables executives to identify and implement a structured approach to executing their responsibilities.

At the end of the training there will an assessment where attainment is achieved the delegates will be awarded a ‘Health and Safety for Senior Executives’ certificate.

Learning objectives

By utilising an interactive approach facilitated by a Chartered health, safety and environment practitioner the delegates will be able to:

Contents and areas covered in the course

To meet the aim of the course the training programme will include the:


Duration typically up to 4 hours (variable to suit the organisations aims, objectives and content requirements)

Introduction, aim and objectives

To cover course administration, overview and introductions

Roles and responsibilities

The business case for control health and safety risks to include the legal position of executives, managers and employees.

Management systems

Using a case study and feedback the exercise will cover the development of a systematic approach to the management and control of health and safety in an organisation

Summary and assessment

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